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Difference Between Collision Vs Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance and collision insurance are the two coverages that defends your vehicle if you get into an accident.

Like the name says, collision insurance protects harm caused when two cars or other objects, not minding whose fault it is collide together.

Comprehensive insurance protects damage caused by vehicles in an accident that are outside collision. It provides insurance coverage to any harm or destruction to the insured vehicle than that which is caused by a vehicle colliding with each other.

People often ask, “Is having both collision and comprehensive insurance needful?” Well, it depends. Here, read and learn why it is crucial to have the both insurances and when to drop collision insurance.

What is collision insurance?

Collision insurance is an insurance that covers damage or destruction  caused by a vehicle as a result of hitting with another object or vehicle. This coverage policy is applicable irrespective of whose fault it is in the accident. Ordinarily, though it would be used when you are to be blamed in the accident, but if the other person is the one at fault, their liability insurance will be responsible to pay for your damages.

Collision insurance protects damage gotten from hitting a curb, tree, post or other objects.

Why do I need collision coverage?

Collision insurance protects you from anything or object you collide with. However, collision insurance  does not protect you when you hit an animal that has ran out in to the road in front of you, rather it is only comprehensive collision that covers you from such accident.

A rule of thumb for dropping collision insurance is when your vehicle’s value isn’t enough to get you a new vehicle.

What is comprehensive insurance?

People most times are being confused or misled by the term “comprehensive”. So many people just concluded that it protects all form of physical destruction or damage which the collision policy doesn’t protect. Comprehensive insurance policy doesn’t cover normal wear and tear of the vehicle nor any of it’s contents.

Many of the things you may think is part of the car might not also be protected as well. Comprehensive coverage will not cover vandalism by employees or members of the family or tires. It won’t also protect you when you damage an expensive upgraded stereo system.

If you are doubtful, you can make enquiries from our agent at QuietQuote to tell you what exactly your policy covers. If very important, you can get an additional rider to protect any upgrade that is so important and special to you.

Why do I need comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive auto insurance protects you from damage to the insured vehicle resulting from an accident other than collision. It may be as a result of fire, vandalism, severe weather, etc.

When you are involved in an accident, collision insurance will protect you in an accident that involves hitting another car or object which comprehensive will protect you from the damage caused which does not involve colliding with a vehicle. When you have both collision and comprehensive coverage, it means you have a complete coverage. Collision and comprehensive  insurance are two coverages that will protect your vehicle if you get involved in an accident.

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