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What’s the best car insurance for teens?

It can be quite troubling when you think of buying car insurance for your teenager driver. However, insuring a young adult driver isn’t that expensive. In fact it’s fast and easy to find free auto insurance quotes. You can shop around in the insurance marketplace to find top and reputable companies offering discounts that significantly lower premium rates.

As critical as it is, price isn’t the only element to consider when looking for free auto insurance quotes that best suit your teenager driver. It’s also essential to find insurance providers that safeguard young adult driver. For example, tracking how they drive by providing road help and usage-based insurance programs.

The best car insurance for teens

To find the best car insurance for your young adult driver, you have to keep an eye on the reputable insurance providers. Some of the top options in the marketplace we’ve included in our list are:

  1. State Farm

State Firm provides unmatched discounts for teen drivers. Beginner teenager drivers can receive huge discounts on successful completion of certified driving training course. Further, State Firm offers reduced rates for young adult drivers for keeping a 3-year safe driving record. Most importantly, teen drivers can keep the discounts throughout college. High school students with amazing grades attract 25% discount up to age 25 if they keep up better grades.

  1. Geico

From the variety we researched we found out that Geico offers teenager drivers the best car insurance rates. For instance, when we requested for their free auto insurance quotes, we were particularly amazed with the offers they had for teenager drivers residing in San Francisco and California.

Besides, Geico offers teenager drivers’ parents a 25% discount for insuring multiple vehicles, while teens with excellent averages in school receive 15% discount on premium rates.

  1. Progressive

Progressive offers a Snapshot program that comes with potential savings for young adult drivers. This usage-based insurance rating program monitors teen drivers’ driving habits. As a result, teen drivers receive driving tips to enhance good driving habits.

Progressive offers an average sign up discount of $26 to snapshot program users. Also, teen drivers can receive $145 discounts per year of clean driving record.

  1. Nationwide

Similarly, Nationwide helps young adult drivers save money on car insurance through their SmartRide program. The user-based program monitors driving acceleration, mileage, braking, idle time and more. Since majority of college students don’t spend much time driving, together with maintaining a clean record behind the wheel, they can attract great free auto insurance quotes. Teen drivers can earn 10% discounts for signing up into Nationwide’s SmartRide program and 40% discount for maintaining clean driving record patterns.

Once you’ve exhausted all options during your search for the best free auto insurance quotes in the insurance marketplace, you should contact QuietQuote who would help you reach an informed decision on the best insurance for your teenage driver. Once you give/enter relevant coverage details, they’ll help you to find the best free insurance quotes from reputable companies fast and easy.

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